Fees and Registration

Playing fees for 2021 include:

  • ANU club fees
  • ANU Club affiliation fee for non-ANU students (you pay this to the club as part of your registration fee and the club will pay the ANU SRA on your behalf).

Additional to these fees players must pay the Hockey Australia Levy, $43.00 for Seniors and $31.50 for Juniors. This levy is only payable once in any year regardless of how many competitions you play in so if you, for example, play both Juniors and Seniors you only pay this levy once, the system will adjust amount payable when you pay if you have already paid the levy.

If you are unsure as to which fees amount to pay you can select an appropriate “Pay Later” option to register, then contact the Treasurer, Hamish Stephens to negotiate and pay the correct rate.

To be eligible for the Goalkeeper rate you must supply your own kit.