We are very grateful to our sponsors for their financial and in-kind support. Please show them your support in return.

Yowani Country Club is a great place to spend time with golf, bowls and accommodation on site as well as great dining at the 19th on Northbourne restaurant. Yowani is regarded as one of Australia’s finest inland golf courses. The accommodation consists of 24 motel style rooms. There are three sun shaded couch bowling greens to enjoy.

Hellenic Club – Hellenic in the City are again going to sponsor the club this year which is fantastic. Hellenic is a great place to place to start/continue/finish a night out so get around them. They supply the Best and Fairest vouchers during each week of the Winter Hockey Competition.

Bunyip Toys are a long time supporter of the club and Australia’s Home of Playmobil, get in touch with them next time you need toys for younger friends and family. They offer discounts to ANU players – use discount code ” UniJuniors” to receive 15% off.

Survey Design and Analysis Services are the official distributors of Stata Software in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. They also offer a range of other software and support services. Even if you don’t need their products, they gain a lot of publicity from Twitter so please give them a follow and plenty of likes.

Sponsorship opportunities
There are still plenty of sponsorship opportunities with your club. We offer exposure to a vibrant community organisation with lots of students and professionals. The more we can gain in sponsorship the less we have to pay in fees. If you’re interested please reach out to anumchpresident@gmail.com.

Supporting our existing sponsors
We’re incredibly fortunate to have such a great sponsor cohort with us this year, without whom our ambitious agenda wouldn’t be possible. Please take some time to support our sponsors where possible