How to Join

Thanks for picking ANU Women’s Hockey Club. We welcome elite players, those that have never picked up a stick before and everything in between. If you’ve never played before we could probably even find you some gear.


Grading Day

To join ANU the first step would be to come along to our Grading Day which we hold from mid-to-late February each year at Hockey ACT. There is absolutely no cost for this session, our coaches use the time to grade you into training squads for the lead up to season start. This year, our Grading Day is on Saturday 18th February, 2023: click here for more details.

Missed/Can’t make Grading Day?

Send us an email with a bit of info on your playing history, what grade you’d like to play and what position on the field you play, and we’ll add you to a training squad.

Has the season started?

Our season runs from end of March to September. If you want to join us during this time, send us an email and we’ll let you know if any of our teams have space.


We love coaches! Whether you’d like to take on a team, ease yourself into it as an assistant coach, or just run a training to see if you like it, our vice-president would love to hear from you, details on the club contacts page.


So important to the sport we all love. ANU Women’s pay umpires to take on our commitments and will run mentoring for those interested in becoming an umpire (on top of the mentoring offered by Hockey ACT). For more information get in touch with our Umpiring Coordinator, details on the club contacts page.