2023 Grading Day

The 2023 season is nearly here! Come down to Grading Day on Saturday 18th February 2023 at Hockey ACT.

Women’s – 1pm to 4pm

  • Registration
    • 12:30pm: New players
    • 1:30pm: Returning players
  • Grading sessions
  • 1-2pm, Carter: New players (you will then be asked to attend either the higher or lower grade session)
  • 2-4pm, Carter: Higher grades (CL1-SL1)
  • 2-4pm, Powell: Lower grades (SL2-SL5)
  • Other important info
    • Please bring both a light and dark shirt
    • Aim to be there 30 minutes before your grading session to give yourself plenty of time to register and warm up
    • Attend the grading session that matches the grade you played last season
    • If you can’t make it, please email anuwhc@gmail.com and let us know what grade you’re aiming for
    • All positions are up for grabs! We’ll create a higher, middle and lower grade squad based on grading day. More info about the grading process to come soon 🙂

Men’s – 1pm to 4pm

Watt field:

  • 12:45: Register
  • 13:00-14:00: Warm up + new to the club
  • 14:00-16:00: Games for all grades
  • Other important info
  • The day will cater for players at all levels and experience
  • New players to the club especially welcome
  • Make sure to attend if you are new to the club or aiming for a higher grade this year

If you cannot make grading but intend to play this year then please send us an email at anumhc@gmail.com.

Everyone – Drinks at the Hellenic Club in the City at 6:30pm!

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